Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Specs, Features, Release Date, Price And Concept Images

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 :- Get the latest updates on Samsung Galaxy Note 6 here. As we all know that Samsung is one of the leading mobile phone manufacturer in the world and Samsung has conquered the whole world by its smart phone industry. You will find everything at this place from “Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Specs, Features, Release Date, Price And Concept Images” Recent launch in the note series was Samsung Galaxy Note 5 which was a successful launch for the company. 

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Of course the company would continue the trend and will launch Galaxy Note 6 in 2016. Samsung fans are eagerly waiting already for the flagship stores. So they just can run to the store and buy the device. We are here going to talk about “Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Specs, Features, Release Date, Price And Concept Images“. For sure making it the prime topic of our conversation today or anything you come and take a check on us,

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Smartphone industry is evolving day by and getting so authentically and dramatically better day by day. Every new smartphone which rolls out is better than the one it released 3 months ago. Daily new technologies are coming to the market and being introduced and competition is increasing every day. Leading manufacturers like Motorola, HTC, Lenovo, Sony are trying to perform better in the market and trying to be the best in the industry. Everything depends on the sale and Samsung has prove themselves to be the leader in the market. By making huge no. of sales. The best example for this would be Note Series wiki or Galaxy Series wiki both the series are a big success for the company and one of the leading profitable product for the company. Not going too far from the main discussion of today lets move ahead towards the topic.

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About Samsung Galaxy Note Series

This doesn’t need a lot introduction company has made a whooping sales by this series. According to the company As of October 2013, Samsung has sold in excess of 50 million Samsung Galaxy Note gadgets in the course of recent years and a month. 10 million units of the Galaxy Note 3 have been sold inside its initial 2 months, 30 million were of the Note II, while the first Galaxy Note sold around 10 million units around the world. Which gives a proof of leadership in the industry. And a scope of further development of the company can be seen by these stats.

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As of now there is a lot of time for the release Galaxy Note 6. Anything for sure can’t be said now because there is a plenty of time for the launch.

The basic and the best foundation around which this Smartphone series revolve is that :

  • All Samsung Galaxy Note models ship with a stylus pen and fuse a weight delicate Wacom digitizer.
  • All Samsung Galaxy Note models likewise incorporate programming peculiarities that are principally situated towards the stylus and the gadgets’ out-located screens, For example, Say the note-taking and advanced scrapbooking applications, and part screen multitasking. Remember these? I guess you must be loving them till now. Enjoying them as anything.

The Samsung Galaxy Note cell smartphone have been viewed as the first economically leveled to specifications fruitful series smartphone of “phablets”—a class of cell phone with vast and expectedly bigger screen that are expected to straddle the usefulness of a powerful tablet with that of a telephone.

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The Samsung Note 6 Concept Design


Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Specs

As there has not been quite a good time when Galaxy Note 5 came into being and is among the hot sellers any smartphone can ever be, the company Samsung will obviously want to take a good lap among the both. The specifications will be quite big and with a great unexpected change.

As the new iPhone has feature of Video-Photo which means in a picture there is a 4-5 second video which shows up on long press and even Facebook is about to introduce this amazing Video-Profile-Picture option OBVIOUSLY Samsung will stay no back and arrive with a competitive hike for the same!

  1. It will have a moving Picture click for sure which will make it stand to the very tough competition for coming Galaxy S7 or Apple iPhone 8 for sure.

As the smartphone Note 6 is expected to come in Quater 3 of 2016 (Release Date of Note 6) the technology will reach high level of advancements till then, So It will have a heart throbbing Ram Say 8-12 GB making it no less than any Laptop HP or Apple can provide us wit! Oops we forgot even Microsoft is in that rat race now.

If we move to the Display, it will be High Definition 4K super AMOLED Display or the company can itself arrive with something more advanced and peculiar with these features in the list as well.

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Besides every other feature being in the secondary list, there is quite a much more in the display! Note 6 will come with an amazing 30 MP Primary camera and ravishing 16 MP camera front facing. This makes it needless to go to laptop fro the very important skype call, Your Note 6 is what you all only need! Isn’t it?

Do you remember the beauty Note 5 was expected to be, So I am pretty sutre that Note 6 will be no less different. The same with more fame!

Some out-of-the-box features of Galaxy Note 6

On the other chance that we proceed onward to the processor segment of the amazing phablet series of this Galaxy Note 6 as we all realize that Samsung tries to carry new chipset with each arrival of Note or Galaxy S Series smartphone.

So this new chipset of Note 6 would be an excessive amount of cutting edge. So the same will proceed in 2016 and we would be seeing Galaxy Note 6 Exynos rendition with a First initial 16-center processor of Samsung that would be went with Foldable presentation like that of the Samsung TV(Remember the advertisement? Yes :D) as we have examined previously.

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The most fascinating some portion of the cell phone would be that it will be having a much quick charging, I would revise this term and Say Charge-with-a-blink innovation and it is relied upon to charge 40 % of the battery in only 4 Mins. Yes! This is truly amazing! Yet, significantly more is yet to be uncovered by the organization. I mean, just imagine you have drowned battery and getting ready for that 15-min after date? Your phone will get ready to survice the entire day even before you with even more energy! That;s what we call “A Samsung Move” Hell Yeah!

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Features

  • Moving Picture click (Video Profile Picture)
  • 8 GB RAM
  • (16/32/64/128/256) GB Internal Storage
  • 4K Foldable Display
  • 30 MP Primary Camera
  • 16 MP front facing camera
  • Initial 16-center processor of Samsung (Galaxy Note 6 Exynos rendition)
  • Charge-with-a-blink innovation (Fast Charging Technology)

Concept Table on Note 6 Specs

Specifications & Features Galaxy Note 6 Specs
Battery Power 4500 mAh
Camera Features Auto focus, Optical image stabilization, rapid charging, wireless charging, 3D-4K Resolution
Camera – Primary 30 MP Primary camera
Camera – Front Facing 16 MP front-facing camera
Colors Black and White
Features Bendable or fold-able display, fingerprint or Retina Scanner
Memory (16/32/64/128/256) GB
Operating System Current 2016 Android Operating System
Price $1200 USD, 1063 Euro, 767 GBP
Processor Snapdragon Qualcomm octa-core 2.9 GHz processor
Release Date Quater 3 of 2016
Screen Display 6” – 6.2” 4K screen display with at least 800 ppi
Sensors Barometer, compass, dustproof, heart rate, shockproof, SPO2, thermometer
Video Recording 2160p @ 30 fps, 1080p @ 60 fps, 720p @ 90 fps


Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release Date

The all information we have put on our website is purely an estimate and appropriations we can put of the coming smartphone. Though, it has been a track record that all the estimates have always been true and authentic because they are estimate on real contrary situations. The release date has always been the same as we have predicted in our last research, it will be the same, hope for that too 🙂 :

  • Galaxy Note 2 Release Date September 2012
  • Galaxy Note 3 Release Date September 2013
  • Galaxy Note 4 Release Date – September 2014
  • Galaxy Note 5 Release Date – October 2015
  • Galaxy Note 6 Release Date – Quater 3 of 2016

So the prediction says that Galaxy note 6 is going to be released in September 2016 (Quater-3).


Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Price

we can have a rough estimate of the price of this beautiful smartphone, Of-course it is to be equipped with some so-awesome features so we cannot expect it to be in so much budget,

Price of Note 6 that is around 1200$

Galaxy Note 6 wouldn’t be too easy to afford. It would be a smartphone of the high-end category so the price would also be high end. But we do not have accurate predictions about the price of Galaxy Note 6 smartphone, let Note 5 touch the verges of the market!

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Table predicting the estimated Note 6 Price

Country Galaxy Note 6 Price
Australia 1502 Australian Dollar
Austria 1062 Euro
Brazil 3611 Brazilian Real
Canada 1457 Canadian Dollar
China 7446 Chinese Yuan
Denmark 7924 Danish Krone
England 766 British Pound Sterling
Finland 1062 Euro
France 1062 Euro
Germany 1062 Euro
Greece 1062 Euro
Hong Kong 9301 Hong Kong Dollar
Hungary 32,8074 Hungarian Forint
India 76516 Indian Rupee
Indonesia 15,816,600 Indonesian Rupiah
Italy 1062 Euro
Japan 143,970 Japanese Yen
Nigeria 239,340 Nigerian Naira
Philippines 53,447 Philippine Peso
Poland 4,328 Polish Zloty
Russia 58,949 Russian Ruble
Singapore 1,594 Singapore Dollar
South Africa 14,273 South African Rand
South Korea 1,309,806 South Korean Won
Spain 1062 Euro
Sweden 9,897 Swedish Krona
Switzerland 1,111 Swiss Franc
Taiwan 36,594 New Taiwan Dollar
The Netherlands 1,062 Euro
United States $1200 USD

Updates of Note 6

To be Released in August 2016: There are some rumors that this amazing smartphone is to be released in August instead of October and the company may hurry up up a little bit which we are not sure of. May happen or may not! As they are just rumors we cannot guarantee you them being true and fair so let’s wait for a final note from the company.



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